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Mike McNulty

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Bio:Core Skydiving - Full Time Wind Tunnel and Skydiver Instructor.
Mike works full time in the world of skydiving not just on drop zones as a multi rated BPA Instructor, but also in the UK's indoor skydiving wind tunnels. There, Mike has been trained to a high level of instructing and coaching ability with the IBA Lv4.
Mike likes to travel and frequent the UKs drop zones to coach students and other fun jumpers to work towards their individual goals.
Mike's life revolves around working and progressing students in skydiving, but takes every opportunity to also fun jump in formation, big way skydiving and free flying. Whichever it is Mike, is multi skilled within the sport, from AFF and coaching to reserve repacks.
Into:canopy piloting, formation skydiving, freefly, dynamic (2wd /4wd)
  • Tunnel Time33h
  • Skydives4k