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Emma Scrivener

Northampton, United Kingdom

Bio:I am 30 year old sports massage therapist, former primary school teacher, sometimes-presenter and extreme sports-lover. I try to see the lighter side of life; laugh lots, live hard and make as many connections with interesting human beings as possible!

I've been skydiving since 2010 and flying in the wind tunnel since 2014. I've represented GB in the World Indoor Skydiving Championships 2016, competed several times in 2 Way Dynamic and more recently in VFS and 4 Way Dynamic.

Sometimes I commentate at these competitions. Perhaps I enjoy commentating so much as it combines two of my favourite things; flying and talking. If I'm not flying, then watching incredible athletes and talking about their flying is a pretty wonderful alternative!
Into:freefly, dynamic (2wd /4wd)
  • Tunnel Time50h
  • Skydives590