Welcome, this is the Skydive Mag profile of ROSINA KASICKOVA


Prague, Czech Republic

Bio:Female extreme athlete, doctoral student, private skydiving coach & pilot... that's Rosina & EXTREME 66!

Number of jumps: 2600+
Main canopy: Icarus Extreme FX 66, Daedalus JVX 66

Total piloting time: 300+ hours
Types: CESSNA 150, 152, 172, 182 RG; TECNAM P92 JS, TECNAM P2006T, Piper PA-34, Bulldog SK-61

Hobbies: having fun with my friends, skydiving, flying, ground launching, aerobatics, gymnastics, jumping on the trampoline, snowboarding, volleyball, juggling, music, snakes …

Into:canopy piloting, tunnel, extreme, freefly
  • Skydives2.6k
  • Tunnel Time100h