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Franz Gerschwiler

Tecumseh, United States

Bio:Franz Gerschwiler is the creator of Burble Software and also the owner of Skydive Tecumseh in Michigan, one of the oldest running dropzones in the country. Franz is from London, England, and a Computer Science graduate of Queen Mary College, University of London.

Franz has several thousand jumps, is an AFF instructor and has a pro-rating. Franz found his way to Tecumseh Michigan while traveling through the states skydiving. Franz is married to Shannon and they are raising their 2 children in Tecumseh, where they met. When Franz bought Skydive Tecumseh in 2008, he realized quickly that the software being used to run the business was really lacking and a viable solution had not yet been developed. With his background in software development, Franz was perfectly suited to develop not only an updated solution, but a solution that would revolutionize the way we apply technology to the dropzone business.