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Johnny Utah

Orlando, United States

Bio:Johnny Utah is a professional BASE Jumper, Skydiver, and Wingsuit pilot. He was the first BASE Jumping World Champion and has held many world records & championship titles. Johnny has made over 9,000 jumps in 31 years and is a 3 time World Champion Parachutist. He has jumped in 21 countries worldwide and has ranked in the top 8 at Wingsuit Races. In his parachuting competition career, Utah has placed 1st - 8 times, placed 2nd - 13 times, placed 3rd - 4 times, and placed 4th - 2 times. He is a holder of 10 World Records, 2 of which are still standing. Johnny Utah has 29 years of experience as a parachuting jumpmaster and instructor.
Into:canopy formation, wingsuit, canopy piloting, formation skydiving, base
  • Tunnel Time5h
  • Skydives7.5k