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Chris Lynch

United Kingdom

Bio:Jumping since 1982
17000+ jumps.
Instructor, coach & organiser.

Competed in Canopy formation, Formation skydiving 4 & 8 way, Freeflying, Freestyle, Vertical FS (camera) & Canopy piloting.
Won 22 National Golds in 6 different disciplines.

Invited to celebrate "British sporting excellence" with the Queen at Buckingham palace as point man of British 4way team Sebastian XL in 1997... wow what a night that was!

Creator of Wing Tips canopy flight training seminars.
Received Royal Aero Club Bronze medal.
Inventor of the Camcheka.
Also loves to Speedfly & Surf.
Into:canopy piloting, formation skydiving, freefly
  • Tunnel Time20h
  • Skydives17k