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Elly Clement

Zephyrhills, United States

Bio:I represent SkydiveRatings, fulltime Instructional Ratings school in Florida, USA. Our main campus is located at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL. We have a smaller campus at Skydive Sebastian at Florida's east coast.
We offer certification courses for all instructional ratings in skydiving. Our school is affiliated with USPA. All ratings we teach are USPA ratings. The Tandem Instructor ratings are all official factory ratings, so the UPT Sigma rating, The Strong Tandem ratongs and/or the Wings Tandem rating. We also teach the USPA Instructor-Examiner course. We convert foreign ratings to USPA and do refresher courses, If it has anything to do with Instructional ratings in skydiving we can probably help you. 813-312-5651
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