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Delft, Netherlands

Bio:Erwin "Tank" Baatenburg de Jong
Age: 40
Nationality: Dutch
First Jump: 1995
Total Jumps: 5500
Home DZ: -
Occupation: Flight-1 instructor
Hobbies: Music, swooping, travelling
Licenses/Ratings: KNVvL D-644950
Total Skydives: 5500
RW/FS: 200
Hop-n-Pops: 3000
Camera: 500
Instructor/Coaching: 2000
Cutaways: 14
Main Canopy: PD Peregrine 79
Container: Micron
Reserve Canopy: Optimum 126
Helmet: Cookie Composites Fuel
Jumpsuit: Nec suits.
Altimeter: L&B
Into:canopy piloting
  • Skydives5.5k
  • Tunnel Time0.1h