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TED Talk: Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

World Champion skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld is one of the most experienced competitors and coaches in the history of Formation Skydiving. He made his first skydive in 1980 and has made more than 15,000 career jumps to date.

He has been a role model for every competitor, no matter what their level. He motivates and encourages skydivers to build teams and experience the same excitement and challenges that he himself has been through.

In 1992, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld was in a plane crash that killed 15 of his fellow skydivers and left him in a coma for 6 weeks with life-threatening injuries. With his broken neck caged in a halo brace, he planned the most astounding comeback.

Dan is now a six-time World Champion and coaches teams around the world. His story underlines the power of the human spirit and its ability to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

His book “Above all else” was published last month.