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AirgameZ 2016

A crane, a beach and 73 BASE jumpers having a blast in Blackpool! 685 jumps were made in one weekend, in front of an appreciative crowd.

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Short film capturing the 2016 Blackpool AirgameZ BASE Championships.
Edited by David Robertson (drone footage from Jamie Dobson).
Thanks for all the help Ian Richardson, Cam Tracey, Daniel Witchalls and for playing Sheriffs and herding cats.
Big thanks to:
Chris and Alan at for all their help, support and for allowing us to hold the event.
Tim Ambridge at for lending us a 480ft toy for 3 days.
Ian Hooper for the musical arrangement/soundtrack.
Sven at KRS
Marty at Asylum BASE
Matt at Squirrel WS
Martin at Rapanui
Blair Multi Task Winston
Big Ron
But the biggest thanks has to go to the 73 jumpers, Ian the crane operator and Emma who all combined to make the whole event such a fun few days.