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Back to Belly Back Flip

This is the second video in IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, The Back to Belly Back Flip transition.

This is a more advanced maneuver that requires a comfort level that is higher than the front flip from your belly to your back (see previous video, Back to belly front flip). This skill, although not a high rotation maneuver, will be a key ingredient for “trick” flying and is an important step in the dynamic progression.

Learning Points

  • You should aim to fly this transition with as much control as possible.
  • Try to imagine an arc of momentum to give you the time necessary to fly through the transition.
  • Begin and end the technique on the same level.
  • Try to avoid the natural tendency of arching your chest.
  • Use the action of lifting your hips to create the lift, and straighten your legs to create the rotation.
  • As you become more comfortable you can experiment with the shape of the layout.

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