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Back to Belly Front Flip

This is the first video in IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, the Belly to Back Front Flip transition. This is the first real “flip” that you will learn and the first transition that travels “over your head”. Using the airflow to complete the move successfully will be the key, this maneuver will give you the first glimpse in to some slight disorientation which is something you will become ultimately comfortable with as you progress as a wind tunnel free flyer.

Learning Points

  • You should aim to fly this transition with as much control as possible.
  • Try to imagine an arc of momentum to give you the time necessary to fly through the transition.
  • Begin and end the technique on the same level.
  • Try to avoid the natural tendency of putting your chin down in the beginning of the technique, as this will create uncontrolled forward drive.
  • Use the action of very slightly de-arching your chest and adding pressure to your palms and arms to create lift, not your hips.
  • As you become more comfortable you can experiment with the shape of the layout.

Download the full lesson plan here