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Big Mountain Magic

Big mountains, f*ck I love them!
Tracking wingsuit lines Have been showing around Sunndalsøra and Eikesdalen where we had an awesome weekend.
Jumped Katthammeren ,where I flew the right wingsuit line so that is now open for one-piece tracking.
Langerapiggen, yeah finally I got to fly a little bit in a canyon. Jump the wingsuit exit and I had to dive all I could to get down there and do the steepest turn to stay down there, so I had a margin to play with!!
Goksøyra, sawed it and was all excited about it and next day we went to Little Goksøyra wingsuit exit and flew the left wingsuit line so that is also open for one piece tracking as well, enjoy jumping :)

All jumps made in XXX from rbaseg

Special thanks to the VKB for showing us around the big mountains !!

Music by. Axel thesleff - Song I, from the LP, The hollow men.