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Day of the Dead

Video by GoPro


Día de Muertos – with Roberta Mancino and friends, paying tribute to the beautiful souls we have lost, in an exquisite spiritual skydive over Cuautla, Mexico.

“This year has not been easy. We have lost many friends. We should honor and celebrate them, even if we're sad about the loss. We remember them and their love for flying.” – Roberta Mancino


Skydive Talent:
Roberta Mancino
Ana Aponte
Katie Hansen
Daniela Acquatella
Stefania Martinengo
Jeff Provenzano

Makeup by:
Seventh Skin

Wardrobe by:
Gabriela Fernández

Music Courtesy of JinglePunks

Music by: Iyari Wertta “Up”

Shot 100% on GoPro from

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