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Fairground Distractions

Video by Robert Carl Blank


Skydiver Robert Carl Blank talks about his new CD under canopy


Robert Carl Blank is not just a fun loving skydiver, but also an industrious songwriter. He is back with his new album FAIRGROUND DISTRACTIONS and tells us a little bit about it while under his canopy in the Austrian skies. You might remember his last album featuring the rock song Parachutes (the skydive music video for the song received quite some attention in the skydiving community). This time he went back to the 60s for inspiration and delivered a classy vintage style pop album with a lot of positive thoughts about the fairground of life, its unpredictability, and making decisions for yourself along the way. 

Mystery Tour (a homage to the Beatles) talks about the unpredictability of things and the lightness of being, the pompous-sounding Your Life asks you to take your life into your own two hands, Fate wants to give you hope when you lost your path, Many Ways In talks about what can happen when you don't take your life into your own hands, One Lucky Day happily provides the anti-fear pill, and To Vincent encourages you to listen to your inner voice.

I am really proud of this album! For one thing, I thought about each and every creative step more than I did with any my other albums. But it also turned out to be my most intuitive album so far, 100% RCB. I don't remember ever before having so much fun composing, writing the lyrics, arranging and recording as I did with these songs. It almost wrote itself!
Robert Carl Blank ('Herman Da German)

FAIRGROUND DISTRACTIONS is released today, September 16 on CD and LP (180 gramm Vinyl including free CD) in European shops, and as digital download worldwide in all the usual suspect stores (itunes, amazon etc).


on Robert Carl Blank here


CD or vinyl copy here
Download on amazon here
Download on itunes here


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