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Fit to Fly

Short film about Katja Seyffardt, returning to skydiving and BASE after a shoulder prosthesis.

Emotional Coaching and Mental Training helped me to be back in the sport again even with a shoulder prosthesis and supporting a very good healing process.

“Fit to Fly” gives a brief insight into a part of my life. As a result of a car accident 25 years ago, the last 2 years I had again and again inflammations in my right shoulder, accompanied by severe pain and restrictions in movement. In December 2015, a biceps tendon had to be transferred and I received a shoulder prosthesis. My world crushed, since I thought with this diagnosis of the shoulder prosthesis my sport was over for me - because in skydiving and B.A.S.E. jumping free and painless movement of the shoulder joint is of great importance.

With emotional coaching and mental training, I helped myself in coping and processing the artificial shoulder.

How can emotional coaching and mental training help you with a shoulder prosthesis or injury?

Through my own experiences with my shoulder prosthesis, I am able to understand very well my clients who had accidents and injuries. I can help athletes returning into their sport to return to their usual abilities after accidents or injuries.

If you have questions about the emotional coaching or mental training, or you search for answers for yourself regarding a shoulder prosthesis, injuries or accident, please get in touch. I am always looking forward to your contact.

I had very good results with Emotional Coaching and Mental Training regarding the healing process and trusting my artificial joint again.

Katja Seyffardt
Katja's Website

Note: Since the film Katja has achieved another milestone, wingsuiting!