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Full Back Layout

This is the fifth video in IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, Full Back Layout. A Full Back Layout is the result of the combination of two transitions: a back-to-belly backflip, followed by a belly-to-back backflip. Therefore, being comfortable flying these two transitions is required to learn this skill. The transitions are to be performed while covering the entire tunnel, which entails for the first portion, a brief moment in a head-down orientation. For this reason, being comfortable flying any head-down maneuvers is of course very helpful.

Learning Points

  • Perform a smooth belly-to-back transition over your head, flown across the entire width of the tunnel, while avoiding any sudden, erratic movements (what instructors refer to as “hooking it” or “throwing it”). Flying this maneuver across the entire width of the tunnel means you will find yourself in a head-down orientation for a brief period of time before returning to your belly.
  • Use the momentum of the descent to your belly from the first transition to fly across the tunnel, and begin your transition back to your back. Once again, this is to cover the entire tunnel. Avoid pushing on the wind with your arms to induce the transition. Pushing on the wind does not provide any lift.

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