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Full Front Layout

This is the fifth video in IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, Full Front Layout. A Full Front Layout consists of performing the two transitions learned in first and second tutorials [link]: A belly-to-back front flip, followed by a back-to-belly back flip using the width of the tunnel as you move through these transitions as you would during dynamic flight. Feeling comfortable flying these two transitions is then essential in mastering this skill.

Learning Points

  • Perform the transitions while covering the entire width of the tunnel, similar to flying a proper full back layout.
  • Avoid any sporadic movements, such as a dramatic bend at the hips to induce the transition from your belly to the head-down orientation (a common mistake). As any other move, you should aim to perform the layout in a smooth, controlled manner.
  • Keep your chin up through the entire front layout, keeping a visual of the net during most of the maneuver rather than facing the wall in front of you while head down. You should end the first portion of the Full Front Layout on your back while keeping your head back, looking away from your feet. Once you start flying this move with others, keeping your chin up will allow you to keep a visual of them, a very important aspect of dynamic flying.
  • When performing the second portion of the Full Front Layout (the transition from your back to end on your belly), avoid pushing on the wind using your arms; be sure to use your back and head to rotate.

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