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Half Breaker Head Up

This is the tenth video in the IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, the Half Breaker.
A Half Breaker involves performing a smooth, half barrel roll from your belly to your back as you descend from a layout or an out-face carve movement. Depending on whether you perform a head up or head down Half Breaker, the goal of the transition is the same, the difference being how you are entering and exiting the half breaker maneuver.

Being comfortable with the following skills will be important to the success of completing the Half Breaker maneuver:

  • In-face and Out-face carving head-down
  • In-face and Out-face carving head up
  • Basic half and full barrel roll transitions
  • Flying back layouts
    See links below to refresh any of these skills if necessary.

Learning Points

  • The half breaker should take place as you cross the half-way point across the tunnel.
  • As you prepare to perform the maneuver, make sure you direct your head towards the center of the tunnel by slightly carving alongside the wall as you descend from the back layout.
  • Avoid performing what looks more like a bottom loop by returning briefly to a head-up orientation. You want to make sure you stay in a belly orientation as you bring your trailing arm across and in front of you to perform the roll before returning to a head-down carve.

Pick up more tricks & download the full lesson plan here

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