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Head Up Carve Switches

The IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, video 13, Head Up Carve Switches.

To properly master this skill, you should first feel comfortable Head Up In-face and Out-face Carving in both directions as this move will provide you with a smooth transition from one direction or position to another following a proper dynamic line.

You will find it easier to fly the switch if you are already capable of changing levels as you are carving by simply leaning more or less on the wind, while maintaining the same general carving position.

A well performed Head-Up Switch will consist of a properly timed level change that will peak at the center of the tunnel, followed by a descent to either an in-face or out-face carve in the opposite direction.

Learning Points

  • While you in-face or out-face carve, accomplish a level change by leaning more on the wind. As you do so, induce a drive towards the center of the tunnel.
  • The highest point of your level change should take place in the middle of the tunnel.
  • If you are to looking to switch from an in-face to another in-face carve in the opposite direction, carry out a 180° turn at the center of the tunnel. This applies for an out-face to out-face switch as well.
  • As you cross the center of the tunnel, conclude the move with a descent back to your initial level as you carve in the opposite direction.

After you have tried it a few times, consider your technique…

  • Were you able to adjust levels while carving without bending at the hips?
  • Were you able to continue the carve in the opposite direction, while descending back to the level of the original carve?

Learn more about the proper technique and preparation by visiting the IBA Skills page for a complete Head Up Carve Switches tutorial, plus 94 other skills.

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