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Head Up Out Face Carving

This is Video 8 in IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, Head-Up Out-Face Carve. Similar to a head-up in-face carve, an Out-Face Carve is also a combination of two motions: a backwards drive and a turn. Therefore, being comfortable flying these two points of motion while sit-flying will be very helpful in order to master this skill.

To fly a fast and smooth carve, you will want to straighten out your body and bring your hips out; avoid getting too comfortable in the traditional, bent-hips, sit-flying position.

Learning Points

  • Fly the carve while maintaining the same level (avoid sinking, or going up).
  • Aim to bring your hips out, lower your knees, and lean your body forward to achieve the backwards drive and continue to maintain the same level.
  • Use your shoulders/chest as rudders to control the size of the circle; aim to trace the wall of the tunnel, and be sure to turn your head in the direction of the carve to see where you’re going!
  • Finally, see if you can adjust the level of your carve up/down while maintaining the same body position and simply leaning more/less on the wind. This will fine-tune your awareness as to how much to lean on the wind at any given time; at first, many find themselves leaning too much or too little on the wind, and this drill can help correct such situations.

More tricks & full lesson plan here

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