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Highlights of the CISM Accuracy Competition

CISM Accuracy Competition, Switzerland , July 2016
75 Competitors from over 10 nations competed at this special competition in Switzerland. The concept was very simple: 3 days of competition, 6 different landing zones and one goal “show precision on the highest level”.

Based on the weather conditions we weren't able to do all landing zones. But the ones we did were unbelievable! Landing on the public swimming area, the lakeside in front of the casino of lucern and the smallest floating target in an accuracy competition on the lake of Zurich.

The competition was based on 3 Ps:

  1. “Present”- each nation represent their values and present their best military performance
  2. “Precision” - show the highest precision in this sport performance
  3. “Passion” - passion is our motivation, our feelings and motion. To share this with others is our life.

The video/team were 4 guys: Massimo Agnellini (Italy), Fabio Filippini (Italy), Michele Baumann (Switzerland) and myself, Nicolas Baumann (Switzerland)