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Hypnotïk is the result of our jumps during August 2016 Alex Flex skill camp in French CERPS Gap/Tallard. Romain in white suit/helmet has around 590 jumps and Max in dark suit / blue helmets has 370. We have been tunneling and skydiving partners for a year now.

Invited as the “newbies” of Alex Flex’s tunnel group, this first participation (45 jumps in 5 days) gave us the opportunity to practice with much more talented flyers. Thank you so much !!!

As always we like to share how it evolves on our side. We still have our “playmobil” style  and will work on it for sure but anyway, we loved those jumps. The video is mostly based on 2 of them (one carve HD 4way, one VRW 4 way), coached by Flex.

The average level of this group is much higher than our level. This video is so representative of “entry point” Thanks Alex!