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Most magic tricks performed on a skydive - Guinness World Records

At GoSkydive in Wiltshire, UK, 28-year-old magician Martin Rees set an incredible new record for the most magic tricks performed in a single skydive, taking his unique combination of daring and sleight of hand to greater heights than ever before.

This was on the14 November 2016, the 12th annual Guinness World Records Day, celebrated all over the globe with upwards of 600,000 people hoping to secure their place in the history books.

The entertainer completed an amazing 11 magic tricks while on a 15,000 ft skydive over Salisbury. The attempt was overseen on the ground by official Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel, with the help of Go Pro footage taken from Martin’s helmet and another cameraflyer.

Martin took on this challenge to raise money for Spread a Smile, a charity which brings entertainment to children at hospitals including Great Ormond Street Hospital. You can donate to the cause on Martin's Go Fund Me page

This is the second time Martin has made history with his magic tricks this year, as he achieved the title Most magic tricks performed in a wind tunnel in three minutes in May with a record of eight.

Martin has been practicing magic since he was just four years old.

Guinness World Records Day was first launched in 2004 to celebrate the day the Guinness World Records book sold its 100 millionth copy.