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Now that you’ve lived AFTER GOING IN!

“I thought I had died. I had no idea what I was doing there [in hospital] or where I was. I couldn’t remember anything after the first jump of the day, except for a faint memory that I had been jumping. Utter confusion. Turns out I had been laying in the forest for over 3 hours until some trail workers heard me calling for help. I had moderate brain trauma. I couldn’t think or talk straight. I hurt everywhere. I couldn’t speak French. I didn’t have my phone. I was alone and in a state of utter confusion.”

Eric, 30, of San Diego, CA, uploaded a video of his crash and tells his full, unflinching story to topgunbase in a fascinating, frank, humble interview, extracts below.

“I got complacent and, well, look what happened. I knew I was shortcutting some things. Personally, I believed I could grasp ideas and skillsets a bit quicker than most people. But I now admit I wrongfully based that idea on completely unrelated experiences… I thought I was good enough, fast enough, and knew what I was doing… I let myself get complacent and too comfortable flying slow. It turned out to kill me, except that I lived.”

Full interview here

Did you know?…
the number one demographic for deaths in the Grand Canyon is an 18-30 year-old male, ALONE!