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Parachute Packing with Colin Scott Thomson

Colin Scott Thomson Packing demo

Fly Awesome has released an educational video showing how to pack a parachute, demonstrated and narrated by Colin Scott Thomson, one of the world’s most experienced riggers, who shares some very helpful packing tips. At 20 minutes it’s worth watching every moment, as Colin is constantly releasing gems of advice that only come from years in the field (or watching the video!).

Mini series

Some shorter, follow-up videos are planned as a next stage in the project, planned to release in 3 weeks. This mini series will cover how to avoid common packing mistakes, (eg step-throughs), how to set different types of brakes, how to activate your pilot chute correctly, etc.

Video author Susy Huber would like feedback on this first video, to improve the rest in the series. Contact her via the Fly Awesome website

The video was filmed by Susanne Lee Huber for Fly Awesome and features Colin Scott Thomson. Colin is one of the most recognized riggers worldwide with a wide expertise, huge knowledge and long experience, having been rigging since 1979. Colin is based in Empuria, working with all kinds of skydivers as well as being responsible for the Empuria DZ equipment. He modestly describes himself as ”Just a guy from Zimbabwe, that happens to have had the opportunity to learn a few things about sport parachuting maintenance, using empirical data.”