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Pokemon GO skydive Drasko Serbia

Guy from Serbia tries to play pokemon GO during a skydive! App not working?!

Here is a short video in which a Skydiver from Serbia, Drasko Pantovic tries catching pokemons during a jump from 5,000ft on LYBJ dropzone near Belgrade! Unfortunately the App did not work at that altitude and the unhappy player reported the bug to the game developer to fix it.

Is this the first attempt of this kind?

“I wanted to to open and catch a pokemon under parachute but I was unable to initiate any of the pokemons around me. Under 2000ft I had full GPS and Mobile network signal and i was trying till 500ft but with no luck.“
Drasko DP

Note: skydiving is an activity involving risk, obviously we do not recommend playing games or other distractions while freefalling or under canopy.