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Sebastian Alvarez – The "Old Man Line" Proximity

Video by Sebastian Alvarez


Sebastian Alvarez Wingsuit Terrain flight with his Italian buddy Dario.

Exit point Aiguille du Midi 3842 mt, Chamonix-France.

In 2015 our friend Trent Conroy discovered this beautiful line and invited Sebastian to fly it.

Dario and Sebastian found this line so amazing and challenging, they spent 2 weeks flying the line, checking and making sure the line was clear and with no wires or big branch or anything can make the line unsafe. Actually, if you pay attention to the video there are wires at the beginning of the line a few seconds after they connect to terrain flight, wires from the old cable car. But we go below them :) and a horizontal tree, just at the end of the left turn, coming out from left to right.

The name of the line 'Old Man Line' is in honor of our friend Dave Buchanan.

Sit back, relax and enjoy what they do best!

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