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A structured safe progression system that starts with an online seminar before you even arrive at the camp!

Photo by Adrian Daszkowski

In March of this year, the Fluid Dynamics Team and Freefly School launched the first edition of the annual Fluid Dynamics Skills Camp at Skydive Spain. 

The launch event had a mission statement of:

Bringing some of the world’s finest coaches to the dropzone with the best weather, lift capacity and highest regular drop altitude in Europe.

With 15.000 feet to play with on every jump, participants got to explore the freedom of flight under the guidance of Petter Stensvold, Troy Rodway, Julian Barthel, Floris Drevel, Lamberto Micangeli and Max Martin, captured by Adrian Daszkowski captured by Adrian Daszkowski, with the help of Blazej Szychowsk. 

Video: Fluid Dynamics First Edition 2023

by Adrian Daszkowski

Just the beginning

The Fluid Dynamics Skills Camp was merely the beginning. 

The Fluid Dynamics members Adrian Daszkowski, Julian Barthel and Chris Sears are offering freefly skills progression ranging from beginner 1:1, small group coaching, progressions skills camps for head down and head up big ways and of course movement jumps, all with guest organisers from all over the world.  Fluid Dynamics will be based at Skydive Spain from October – May each year and then head north, to other events and DZs around Europe and the UK.

Photo by Adrian Daszkowski


An example of the progression Fluid Dynamics is offering is in their Vertical Days skills camps.  The camps’ progression is designed for skydivers who want to build skills and experience in head down big ways. The format is designed to guide participants from the workshop format with a 3:1 student to coach ratio, through to the beginner class where the focus is on 8 ways. Next would be the intermediate camps focusing on full plane 15-way formations and culminating in multi plane head down big way formations.

This allows skydivers to progressively build the skills and confidence to get into the wonderful world of head down big ways whilst offering the appropriate group size for the current skills.  

No matter if you want to improve your skills in the tunnel, learn and improve your head up, get into head down big ways, fly dynamic lines or understand what it takes to build jumps, there is something for everyone! 

Photo by Adrian Daszkowski


Here’s what the participants had to say…

Participating in the Fluid Dynamics camp was a very good and wise choice. I had the opportunity to learn from highly skilled skydivers. The respect shown by the camp organizers to the attendees was an important aspect of the event. In my opinion they genuinely seemed to care about me and other pupils so that we could improve our abilities in a comfortable setting.

Kasia Bereska (Poland)
Photo by Adrian Daszkowski

Before joining I had no experience in headdown bigways. First I did the beginner bigway headdown camp and I got the skills needed to fly confidently and safely in bigger groups. It was Julian’s coaching skills and his approach to teaching that helped me progress so quickly.

First we had an online seminar and along with a thorough brief, I was given a good basis before we even started jumping. The debriefing after each jump was just as thorough and detailed, and explained in a way, that made it easy to put into practice.

I joined the intermediate camp the next week and went from having never done any bigway formation to doing my first 15-way in just a few days. I was stoked with this new achievement and am now ready for another first which is the advanced camp later this year, where we aim to build a 32 person formation exiting from 2 planes.

The last camp of the trip was the fluid dynamics freefly camp. The camp had a lot of participants and everyone got a group suited to their level, in this way everyone got the challenge they needed and got to try new and exciting moves. This was an awesome experience and I got the opportunity to learn from world class coaches. I had a blast and it’s inspiring to jump with such skilled flyers. With Fluid Dynamics I’ve progressed to a level faster than I ever would have expected and received thorough teachings from coaches with a passion for it. Truly an exciting and rewarding experience, and I will be back for more!

Sofus Foldbo (Norway)
Photo by Adrian Daszkowski

Fluid Dynamics range of events have been a staple in the skydiving events calendar for me over the past [two] years, catering across all aspects of skydiving from big way vertical jumps to more dynamic flying with high level of expertise and professionalism provided by the coaches/LOs across this spectrum. This is a truly unique offering within the European skydiving market and something that keeps me travelling to Skydive Spain time and time again!

The main thing that stood out for me during the events has been the journey I have been able to take building my skydiving skill set from my first big way vertical jumps to larger and larger formations in a structured and above all safe environment. 

FD has a clear and progressive series of camp levels to introduce you to new concepts and build upon those skills in larger and more complex formats, with coaching specifically tailored to meet those objectives. Along with the seamless organisation from registration to the last jump of the camp, with clear communication throughout the event and above all friendly and welcoming vibes from all the organisers, this is what keeps me coming back!

FD has now built out their events calendar with even more exciting events tailored to more advanced skydiving disciplines (such as head up movement) which I am looking forward to continuing to participate and progress my skydiving journey even further at a higher level.”

Saul Leisegang (UK)

You can find the event calendar for the coming months on www.fdfreefly.info/calendar

Photo by Adrian Daszkowski
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Meet: Julian Barthel

Julian is a full time Tunnel Coach, Freefly Coach, Load Organizer, USPA Coach Examiner and Founder of FlyinMynd.
He worked in the sport as AFF-I, TD-I and Camera Flyer for 8 years before going freelance.
Julian loves Canopy Piloting and XRW.
He was part of the current National German Head down Record (38) and the European Head down Sequential Record (3-point 24-way) as well as the current European Head Up Record (43).
Likes: Canopy Flocking, Freefly, XRW, Canopy Piloting, Dynamic Flying.
Julian is sponsored by PD, UPT, Tonfly, Alti-2 and Cypres.

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