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Hi! My name is Melanie Curtis Grillet, and I’m here to review my awesome container, the Javelin Odyssey with its newest Stabilized Lateral System (SLS) harness container by Sun Path Products.

Review Item: Javelin Odyssey SLS

Available from: Sun Path Products and dealers worldwide

How long have you had it? One year

Overall opinion (out of 10): 10

Value for money (out of 10): 10

Best points: The SLS harness, Skyhook, and semi-stowless bag. Boom.

Would you buy it again or recommend? YES!!! And I do.

In a nutshell: I have never felt more safe, comfortable, and cool in the sky.

Seriously, this is the most comfortable rig I have ever jumped in my 9,500 skydives and 18 years in the sport, across many disciplines from FS to VFS to canopy piloting. I jumped other stuff for a long time and literally, as soon as I jumped my Javelin, I was instantly and completely sold. So comfortable. Such a perfect fit, I have never felt more secure while still feeling entirely free to move and fly.

Who’s it suitable for?

This rig is perfect for any sport jumper, and absolutely for people who freefly or want to learn to freefly. The SLS harness secures your rig to your body, and no matter what position/orientation you’re flying in, your rig stays put. This is a huge benefit for all flying, and especially freeflying and angle flying.

How does it look?

Straight up… COOL. I mean, Sun Path has so many fabrics, colors, and embroidery options and capabilities, you can truly design your rig exactly as you want it. I LOVE mine so much. Their design program on the website makes it easy to check out different options as you decide what you want. I totally printed out like 10 different iterations putting them side-by-side, one by one eliminating the less cool option ending up with the coolest one that ultimately became my beautiful container! Ha ha ha awesome. True story. I mean, safety is always first but if we can look cool too, I say hell yeah! My Javelin absolutely achieves both.

So comfortable. Such a perfect fit, I have never felt more secure while still feeling entirely free to move and fly.


Knowing my rig really FITS, and knowing my SLS harness secures my rig to my body in such a way that it seriously does NOT move even when I’m free flying (like any angle), that gives me confidence in the door such that I really can fully focus on my skydive, and who I’m flying with… which not only helps my performance as a competitor and coach, it also makes me safer too. There’s nothing worse than being in the door with ‘gear fear’. With my Javelin, I seriously feel none of that. It’s huge, and I’m incredibly grateful for that, having had gear fear in the past for sure. Not that I plan to become complacent in any way, simply that confidence and calm that comes from trusting your gear is absolutely a huge benefit I have found for myself in jumping this container and harness. So awesome. Plus, I am so so so glad to have a Skyhook. I’ve never felt this safe and secure in my 18 years in the sport.

Customer service

In addition to everything above about the equipment itself, another thing I love about Sun Path is its bar-none, exceptional customer service. I have personally seen the people at Sun Path truly CARE about not just me, but every single person jumping a Javelin out there. They take the time to ask people about their gear… how it fits… how it flies… how they’re liking it… how they can help. If you have ANY issue of ANY kind, they want to and will get it sorted out for you. When it comes to the equipment that saves our lives, it can be easy to overlook what a huge value it is to have a company that truly backs their people and their stuff up after we have it. Huge. For me, I am so stoked and grateful to be jumping a Javelin and to be part of the Sun Path family. THANK YOU, SUN PATH!!!

Meet: Lesley Gale

Lesley has been in love with skydiving for 35 years. She is a multiple world and national record holder and a coach on 20 successful record events worldwide. She has over 100 competition medals spanning more than 25 years and has been on the British 8-way National team at World events. She started Skydive Mag to spread knowledge, information and passion about our amazing sport.
Lesley is delighted to be sponsored by Performance Designs, Sun Path, Cypres, Cookie, Symbiosis suits and Larsen & Brusgaard

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