Paraclete XP Indoor Championships

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Here is the Live Stream of the competition, which will show the tunnel footage only. We at Skydive Mag will keep you updated of progress through the day. Comp starts at 7:45 local time (EST).

Live Stream link for Paraclete Indoor 4 and 8-way Championships


Comp happenings are summarized below – in reverse order, most recent at the top.


We will be running FB live updates through the day to replace the written text, we can get more stories to you that way.


Here are the links again for the scores:

8-way Senior scores can be found here

8-way Intermediate scores can be found here

4-way Open

4-way Intermediate

4-way Rookie


Saturday 14:25 8-way

GK8 put a phenomenal 37 on the board for Round 1, showing just who’s boss around here! The closest was XP8 with 32.. then Veloce QRF4, who were hoping to put some pressure on the Knights, these guys are a tunnel team of great flyers. They were put together by Martial Ferré for one of the Paraclete meets, and get together mostly just for this Paraclete annual tunnel comp.

SDC Core

14:00 VFS

The VFS teams went to management and asked if they could finish the meet today, as there are only 3 of them, 3 rounds to go it’s no big deal, and it saves them getting up early for a 7:15 start. So they are fitting inbetween the 8-way. Smart move guys!

8-way Begins

The 8-way draw is below.

When the first scores are uploaded, the 8-way Senior scores can be found here

8-way Intermediate scores can be found here

I’m now competing in 8-way so there will be fewer if any updates. Wish me luck!

8-way Draw

Real Time Scores

Live scores for the 4-way Open can be found here

Intermediate scores are here

Rookie scores here

12:59 BOOM!

As if they’d read my text about not beating Airspeed other than when they made a rookie mistake, SDC Rhythm and XP pulled a blistering round 7 out of the bag, scoring 26 to Airspeed’s 23. This makes the scores at the two-thirds mark very interesting. Unbelievably, XP4 – Kirk, John, BK & Thomas – are in the lead with 189 points, Next Rhythm XP with 188, Airspeed in third with 185, GK gold in fourth with 181, these teams are way ahead of the rest of the pack. anything could happen tomorrow – and probably will! Hats off to the two untrained teams – XP4 & GK4 – for this fantastic achievement! XP4 are just going FAST – so much fun to watch, and bear in mind these guys are all doing other teams/judging/running the meet. Outstanding! It’s all to play for tomorrow, tune in at 7:15 am EST.

12:50 4-way Done for the Day

Round 7 is complete for the belly flyers, they are done for the day, the remaining 3 rounds to go in the morning. The VFS guys are just entering the chamber. After that there will be a 30 minute break, then 8-way will begin, with the first team on a 30-minute call. So, almost time to take a lunch break if you’re watching at home.

SDC Rhythm XP

12:00 Ballistic Battle

After 6 rounds it could barely be more exciting! Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm are tied with 162 points each. A look at the scoreboard shows the only round Rhythm won was the first one, where Airspeed had a meltdown. They have tied with Airspeed on two rounds, and Airspeed beat them on the other three rounds. It’s a similar story with XP, who tied Airspeed on one round, beat them on the first and were outscored on the rest. Still the XP guys are incredible to put up such a performance with virtually no training, and – no offence – not being the youngest guys here! 😉

10:20 VFS

The VFS comp will be interesting as it’s using the new dive pool just confirmed at the recent IPC Plenary Meeting. More formations were added to the pool to make enough for a 10-round meet. None of the teams have trained these blocks, other than a quick 15 minutes. World Champions SDC Core are here, Arizona X-Force and the Golden Knights VFS team. SDC are in front but X-Force are giving them a run for their money.

10:10 Round 3 Scores

Incredibly, XP are in the lead after 3 rounds, then SDC, GK4 and Airspeed clawing their way back up the scoreboard. They seem very calm about their round 1 disaster “It’s nothing'” said captain Niklas Hemlin, who was very calm in the tunnel when it happened.

Skydive Midwest Next XP


Meet Skydive Midwest XP, who are putting some great scores on the board. These guys won Intermediate 2 years ago, won Advanced and are now ‘getting our asses kicked in Open’ as they put it. They have a new Point and are keeping up with teams with more training tand more jumps. Their neon gloves are sure helpful for the judges ! The meet is being judged by BK, Kirk Verner and Tim D’Annunzio, and they are getting the scores out super fast. Everyone is muulti-tasking here!

Round 2 to Airspeed

Round 2 showed Airspeed’s true colors, they won the round with 29 points to XP’s 28, with GK Gold in third wth 26 and Rhythm’s 25 – putting XP4 in the lead, then XP, GK Gold and Airspeed fourth but climbing back. The field has 18 teams and the standard is very high. Spaceland Lite are doing very well with two replacements from their normal line-up. GK Gold are amazing – they train 8-way not 4-way so to be third each round is super impressive. R2G are a young team to watch out for in future, flying amazing!

GK 4 - same line-up that took bronze at US Nationals with no training

9.00 ROUND 1 Scores –First Blood to XP!

Round 1 scores confirm Rhythm in the lead with 28 points! Just behind them on 27 are not Airspeed as one might have thought, but XP, a virtually scratch team of Kirk Verner, John D’Annunzio, Thomas Hughes and BK. Wowsers! They are all amazing flyers but have done virtually no training, about 30 minutes. They barely walked the jump! Golden Knights Gold are third wth 26, then SDMW Next XP and RG2 with 22 – and Airspeed are in sixth place with 21, just ahead of Spaceland Lite. That must hurt! They had a meltdown in round 1, with a brainlock and some confusion.

8:46 am Rhythm – Airspeed Showdown!

This could well be the first meet that SDC Rhythm XP beat Airspeed! Or maybe not – we shall see! Airspeed are not at full strength right now, they have a new team member, Ari Perelman who has only been training for 10 weeks with them. Also three of them have changed slot, so the team is in a rebuilding phase. On the other hand, Rhythm has had the same line-up for 15 months now, have built a strong foundation over the last year, and are looking really good in training. In theory they ‘should’ win this meet, but of course Airspeed are ‘in it to win it’ as Nik Hemlin said, and there’s no telling what will happen in competition. One of the reasons that makes competitions so interesting is how the desire to win, combined with a close fight, can bring a personal or team best performance.

Draw for all 4-way categories

8:00 – The Draw

The draw is really boring! No all-random rounds, no burners. Pretty much all two blocks and a random. Virtually no slot-switchers, apart from one round, The 10 and 16 are together so can get out of it. 11 is in the jump-off round (fly off?)… so only round 2 (with the 17) will swap. So it’s a friendly draw for newer teams to AAA – but for the top teams it’s a working draw, no easy gains.

Round 1: 7, 20, G

Round 2: 17, J, 4

Round 3: 10, 16, B

Round 4: 12, F, D, E

Round 5: O, P, 22, 19

Round 6: K, N, 6, 15

Round 7: 3, 14, M

Round 8: C, 1, 21

Round 9: 13, 2, L

Round 10: 9, 18, 8

Fly-off Round : 5, A, 11

7:45 Local time

Competition begins!

Meet: Lesley Gale

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