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Will Kitto and Matt Gerdes share the key points on wingsuit openings

It is the part of the skydive where we have to be the most attentive and focused. Wingsuit cutaways are a really big deal.

Matt Gerdes

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Wingsuit Deployments

Key Factors

  • Altiitude
  • Airspeed
  • Symmetry
  • Riser control

Deployment time

  • Flare
  • Level Off
  • Deploy


  • Stay symmetrical
  • Fly your body
  • Then fly your canopy!

Examples of riser control in a BASE environment

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NEXT LEVEL is a training school for wingsuit and BASE. Wingsuit flying is aviation. BASE jumping is a highly technical endeavor. These practices deserve a high level of training. When you join the NEXT LEVEL community, you gain access to our collective of professional wingsuit skydivers and BASE jumpers, with lifetime mentorship. NEXT LEVEL courses deliver stronger skills, faster, and lay the groundwork for measurable progression.

Our instructors are world and national champions, thought leaders, and the technology creators driving safety and technique in our sports. From first flight courses to advanced wingsuit BASE skills, we offer a seamless, comprehensive, and measurable training system, with a personalized and old-school mentorship philosophy.

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