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Skydiving Adventures in Thailand, 2018

Skydiving in Prachuap Thailand – 2018 by Zach Lewis

Thailand – The Sky of Smiles

An awesome trip with more than 50 skydivers jumping in Thailand organized by Larry Henderson, Herman Landsman and others.

Video footage by Zach Lewis, Bruno Brokken, Joost Luysterburg, David Loncasty.

Where Can you Go with Skydiving?

by Zach Lewis

“One of the most common questions new jumpers ask is – Where can I go with all of this? Where will this lead me after I get my license? Common answers are different disciplines, and even careers. Wingsuits, freeflying, bigway, Canopy piloting, full time video/tandem/packer etc. That’s one way to look at it for sure, but you may find skydiving can literally take you all around the world.

“If you look at the skydiving fiscal year (Nationals to Nationals 🙂 ) This year skydiving will put my ass in a commercial airplane about 9 times to go somewhere to skydive other than my home DZ in Dallas. It gave me 2 new stamps in my passport, taken me to the left coast, the right coast, the 3rd coast, the north coast (it’s a stretch… I know… Chicago) and more. In the last year it has taken me literally halfway around the world twice, once to China, and more recently to Thailand. Along the way I’ve seen old friends, made new friends, and had some amazing experiences on top of the amazing jumps.

“Here is the video from the Thai trip. So if you ask me where can you go with skydiving… I’d say if you want to, it can take you a long way from home.”

Thailand Prachuap 2018

Meet: Lesley Gale

Lesley has been in love with skydiving for 35 years. She is a multiple world and national record holder and a coach on 20 successful record events worldwide. She has over 100 competition medals spanning more than 25 years and has been on the British 8-way National team at World events. She started Skydive Mag to spread knowledge, information and passion about our amazing sport.
Lesley is delighted to be sponsored by Performance Designs, Sun Path, Cypres, Cookie, Symbiosis suits and Larsen & Brusgaard

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