Review: Gravity Indoor Skydiving

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The first thing that strikes you about Gravity is that the facilities are absolutely awesome.

Outside Gravity, host to WCIS 2018

Gravity Indoor Skydiving is a comparatively new tunnel purpose built in Bahrain, host for the forthcoming ‘wcis2018’ – the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, October 2018. Josh O’Donaghue checks it out…

Gravity’s facilities are absolutely awesome. The place is huge – it’s purpose built and has everything you could want in the building, and in the surrounding area. There are nice changing rooms and debriefing areas with sofas and chairs, etc. The tunnel building is very large, so you can always find some space to chill in peace if needed. It has a small café and the upstairs is like a giant living room. The set-up is perfect for a competition. There is a big open space on the outside balcony for competitors to prepare and chill out, and large viewing areas so you can watch the action from every angle. The air conditioning is on full chat, which is refreshing – but bring a jumper!

A new accommodation block, ‘Fly Residence’ has recently been built near Gravity but I didn’t see it because it wasn’t finished when I was there.

Staff were very welcoming

Gravity Staff

We were welcomed enthusiastically by reception. Like all the Gravity staff, the people were really friendly, nice and very helpful. It’s a good community there. I know a few of the instructors, I even trained some, so it was nice to see the people working together efficiently and with such a great atmosphere.

The building is huge, with viewing areas on every floor

The Wind

The air flow itself was very smooth. Initially the wind wasn’t very powerful but they increased the speed by lifting the power just before the Flight Fighters competition and then it was good. It’s a very tall chamber that takes some getting used to – normally we don’t use all of that space.

Gravity Village and the new 'Fly Residence' apartments right next door to the tunnel


The area just outside the building is so good – ‘Gravity Village’. It has some really nice restaurants and coffee shops, including Starbucks and a shisha lounge, football pitches, an outdoor gym, you name it! It’s like a little oasis in the desert. Not far away is the Formula 1 track and an excellent Go-Kart track.


Overall Gravity Indoor Skydiving is a superbly equipped tunnel with helpful, friendly staff, smooth wind flow, and everything you could want within reach.

Josh O’Donaghue is a professional indoor flyer and champion competitor.

Reviews from first time flyers are on Trip Advisor here where 97% rated Gravity as Excellent, or Very Good.

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