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If you are passionate and you love sharing knowledge with others, then we would love you to join us! Please contact us if you would like to contribute so we can register you on the system as a Contributor and the security system will give you access to upload content. First make a profile for yourself here so we can upgrade your account.

Ideally email us with a few words about what you would like to contribute so we can make sure you can shape it to be used.

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    Our Editorial Core Values

    Skydive Mag is a user-driven community service whose purpose is to facilitate the spread of knowledge and innovation. As contributors and editors, we work towards this common purpose by a member-driven editorial process to share knowledge, news and passion via articles, interviews, videos, photos, and more.

    Best, not first 

    We are not a breaking news site. We publish information quickly after an event but it may take a few days as we gather material to tell the story in greater depth. You may not hear it from us first but we aim to give the most thorough all-round coverage, and of course we will always be quicker than a published magazine.

    Facilitators and Enhancers 

    We facilitate the growth of the communities we are writing about by giving exposure to new and existing movements, ideas and philosophies, and to the people behind them. As facilitators, our goal is to collaborate with the community to produce valuable, informative content. As enhancers, we work to improve safety by creating useful and enjoyable educational resources, and encouraging users to reflect and consider for themselves.

    Content you can trust 

    We are a much-needed independent, international serious skydiving publication and as such can publish what we think best for the sport, for example combining skydiving with BASE and tunnel content. We strive for journalistic integrity and are not tied to any governing body, organisation, party line or geography. Users can rely on our content as educational, accurate and unbiased.

    Information ‘Robin Hoods’ 

    We seek out information from the top and put it out to the masses. When we find out about something cool, we like to bring it to the skydiving community so that everyone may benefit.

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