Corvid or Aura 4 – That is the question..

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Which suit should I choose? If you’re an experienced WS BASE jumper and you’re considering a new suit for this coming season, you might be looking at these two options.


You should consider your current experience (where you are now, in your progression), your priorities (we mean your safety & performance priorities now, not your future goals), and the locations in which you are ready to jump now (not the places you want to jump in the distant future).


In 2019 we released the Corvid, a suit designed specifically for jumpers who were pushing the limits of what is possible in the short-start realm. Some of our friends wanted the shortest possible start arc while still being fun to fly, with great BOC and Toggle / Riser access for low-stress openings. If you aren’t familiar with the origin of the suit, then read this.

The Corvid was essentially a response to our friends who felt the A3 was too “racy” for a lot of the new-school jumps in Moab, the Wasatch, and other areas of the US Southwest. It also has proven to be an excellent intermediate WS BASE suit for jumpers in all locations. CORVID product page.

The AURA 4

The AURA 4

Now the A4 is out, and people are asking us how similar it is to the Corvid. Especially since the A4 start characteristics are significantly easier than the A3.  Does that mean it’s similar to the Corvid, because starts are “easier”? Our answer is that the A4 is larger in surface & higher in performance than the Corvid, and it is designed for big mountain flying. It has more surface area and this changes the character of the suit. AURA 4 product page.

When choosing any wingsuit, consider these three things*:  

1, What is my current experience?

2, What are my priorities?

3, In what locations do I jump?

Corvid 4 vs Aura 4

*Please note that these questions are not asking about future goals, or long term plans. Get the wingsuit you are ready for now, not the wingsuit you dream to fly in the future. Your current experience is all that matters! 

Get the wingsuit you are ready for NOW,
not the wingsuit you dream to fly in the future”

PS. What about the COLUGO 4? Good question. The C4 is suitable for a jumper in the same experience category as the Corvid. If you are an intermediate WS BASE jumper with experience in suits at least as large as the ATC, then you could be ready for the C4. The principle difference between the C4 and the Corvid is the start performance. The Corvid has a better and more accessible start arc, and the C4 has a higher top speed and a faster, more agile, feel.  We highly recommend that you ask anyone who flies a C3, what they think of it 😉

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Meet: Matt Gerdes

Matt logged over 1200 safe BASE jumps (mostly wingsuit flights in the Alps, where he opened a few new lines). He is the author of the BASE Book. Matt podiumed at Red Bull Aces 2015, finished top five in 2016, was 2016 WOWS Distance champion and 3rd in Speed. He is the co-founder of SQRL equipment (www.squirrel.ws), Next Level Flight (www.nextlevel.ws), and is a FAA rated pilot.

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