CYPRES raises top altitude limit

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The highest working altitude of the CYPRES AAD has been raised to 65,000 feet!

High altitude jumpers can go to 20,000 meters with a functioning CYPRES
Photo from P3 camp at Skydive Perris by Harry Parker

Why did CYPRES stop operating above 38,600 feet until now?

In the past, we took advantage of the fact that no one jumps from an altitude above 38,600 feet (11,750 meters) MSL in order to be able to better detect and act accordingly in the event of a sensor malfunction.

If a sensor is faulty, it can generate any pressure value. By locking the low pressure ranges (= high altitudes) for internal testing purposes, we could make the CYPRES a little safer.

Now recently, there is a dropzone in the USA that offers jumps from altitudes of 41,000 feet (12,500 meters) MSL which is above the operating limit. In order to protect the skydivers in these extreme conditions, we have changed an algorithm and moved our upper limit from 38,600 feet (11,750 meters) to 65,000 feet (20,000 meters).

This extended range of operation is of no concern from the safety point of view.

All new CYPRES with a manufacturing date of November 2021 and later have this new threshold version, and all CYPRES that come in for maintenance will automatically receive it.

CYPRES is known for reacting quickly to changes in the sport and in the environment. This is one of our procedures to help make the sport as safe as possible.

We do trust that every skydiver will take a critical look at his/her plans and be fully aware of the details and the safety aspects of their activities. For very high jumps please also take thorough care for the proper equipment that is needed for such events.

If you have questions you can contact the CYPRES team

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