Danes Sweep World Record!

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On 14 September 2019, a new world record in skydiving was set high over Maribo and FDK skydiving club.

In fact FIVE records were set in total: a Danish daytime sequential record (full break) 3 Points, a Danish night record (17 way), a Danish night sequential record (full break) 2 points, a continental European night record (full break) 2 points, and (Ta-Da!!)… A new WORLD RECORD night jump, 17 way 2 points (full break).

All these records were designed and organized by Carsten Cooper-Jensen who had worked on this project for over a year, bringing the best Danish skydivers together in spectacular end summer weather.

The teamwork and camaraderie of the group was amazing, with jumpers from around the country helping each other and working together to make this dream a reality.

The community also rallied behind the team as over 100 locals came out Friday night to cheer on the group and rushing to cars to pick up those that landed off the dropzone. In fact a sixth unofficial record may also have been set for the longest “out” landing on a night jump Friday night!!
I am so proud of Carsten for all the hard work and effort he had put into this project. Sometimes dreams do come true. ❤

(Disclaimer, I was not on the dive, my night vision isn’t that great anymore-but I enthusiastically cheered them on and helped to open champagne bottles!)

A special thank you to Larsen & Brusgaard for the buffs, shirts, loaner Ares altimeters and other cool stuff!

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Meet: Kate Cooper-Jensen

Kate Cooper-Jensen started skydiving in 1978 and quickly became a prominent figure in the sport. Kate founded P3 Skydiving, together with Tony Domenico, the first big-way skydiving school, and has helped countless people achieve their big-way and record dreams.
Kate has been a participant and many times an organiser in over 30 World and National Records.

Organizer of numerous women's world records including 118-way (1999), 132-way (2002), 151-way (2005), 181-way (2009). Sequential women's world and open world record 117-way (2014), Sequential women's European and World Records 2-and 3-point 46-way, (2016); 2- and 3-point 56-way, 2016 and 3 x 60-way (2018).

Raised 1.9 million for breast cancer charities. Recipient of the USPA gold medal for meritorious achievement (2015). Inducted into Skydiving Hall of Fame (2019).

Kate is sponsored by Skydive Perris, Aerodyne, Kiss, L&B altimeters and Vigil.

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