European Skydiving Symposium Postponed

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Due to the Russian invasion into Ukraine the organisers of the European Skydiving Symposium have had to postpone the event. It was due to take place in 2 weeks in Warsaw, Poland.

The previous European Skydiving Symposium
Photo by Kuba Konwent, powered by Dekunu

The whole country is involved in helping Ukrainians. Skydive Warsaw (one of the co-organisers) is sending humanitarian convoys to Ukraine to deliver food and medicine. The local dropzone, Sky Camp, is transformed into refugee shelters with new families coming in every day. No need to explain why the Symposium can’t happen at the moment. It’s not the time to chat about skydiving innovation, nice places to jump or have a party. There are priorities that are now much higher

The organisers of the European Skydiving Symposium stress, they are NOT cancelling the Symposium. It will take place most likely October or November 2022, they are working on securing the dates with the hotel. 

I am sorry for the troubles people might have due to the Symposium being postponed, but believe me – there is nothing else we should be all doing than supporting Ukraine in their fight for life

Marta Molińska, European Skydiving Symposium Co-organiser

Warsaw Aero Club Help for Ukraine

Community Help

When the news of the postponement was transmitted to the sponsors and speakers, most quickly responded to offer help and support. Some Sponsors decided to DRIVE to Poland with collected essential supplies – medicine, food, clothes, etc. Thank you PD, Alti-2 and CYPRES, this is incredible support. UPT, Vigil and PD are planning an auction to raise funds. CYPRES have donated product for Skydive Warsaw to sell and use the money to cover essential costs. More help is flooding in daily.

Most of these companies are not making this public, but I feel it should be recognised, how the skydiving community is engaging in the humanitarian crisis. How manufacturers have found ways to support either the soldiers or the refugees, how skydivers organise transport from the border, how others are taking refugees home to share their personal space with war victims. How dropzones are engaging in organising humanitarian convoys to Ukraine with medicine and food supplies, and other DZs are being transformed into refugee centers.  It highlights that the skydiving community is not only about jumping and having fun together, but also about supporting one another. 


You Can Help Too

Readers, you can also help, should you wish…

  1. You can donate to a verified humanitarian organization like Warsaw Aero Club Help for Ukraine, that is providing humanitarian help for the people in Ukraine, here. This is dedicated directly to buying barely-accessible medicine and sending it to Ukraine with dedicated convoys. 
  2. Write a statement condemning the invasion. It’s symbolic, but it means a lot to Ukrainians, and our community is known for standing together. Please do not call the situation “Russian/Ukrainian conflict”. It implies the equality of the countries, where in fact Russia is the aggressor. Instead, we should use “Russian “invasion” or “attack”. Don’t be afraid to call it a war. It is one.

Our hearts go out to the Ukrainians defending their independence, and to everyone offering direct aid. 

Video – Skydive Warsaw arranging help for Ukraine

Dear Donors!

In just two and a half days, we managed to fill the entire truck with the things needed in Ukraine. Among other medicines, medical supplies, cleaning products, personal care, blankets, sleeping bags, food. We are grateful to everyone who visited us in the glider hangar.

All things are already on the Ukrainian side and are delivered to their destination.

Within two days, PLN 30,000 was transferred to the fundraising account! You are great!

We keep collecting money! Currently, specialized drugs for the amount of PLN 20,000 have been purchased from medical wholesalers. After verifying your bills, we will continue shopping!

We are also getting ready for the next donation collection – details will be provided soon.

Ukraine – you will never walk alone!

Warsaw Aero Club

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