There’s no such thing as a safe skydiver…

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There is only a safe skydive…

Dan BC's Safety Day Briefing 2020

The Safety Day message from world champion skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld should hit home with every skydiver no matter what their experience level. Dan BC is one of the most experienced competitors and coaches in the history of formation skydiving. Dan made his first skydive in 1980 and has made more than 30,000 career jumps to date. To understand why Dan BC is saying skydiving is not a safe sport, see his Safety Day message.

Posted by United States Parachute Association – USPA on Saturday, 7 March 2020

Dan BC’s Safe Skydive Checklist

Your very own personal safety brief, by Dan BC, covering everything you need to do to make your skydive safe.

Dan BC’s Safety Day Briefing 2020

Posted by the United States Parachute Association

See USPA Safety Day page for more

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Meet: Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Dan is Manager of Skydive Perris & Author of the highly acclaimed “Above All Else” book. He was a founding member of Airspeed and a multiple 4- and 8-way World Champion, competing for more than 20 years. Dan developed a training system through Airspeed and coaching so many teams. It works. His personal and coached teams consistently performed at their best in competition and often won – three consecutive and different Women's World Champion 4way teams for instance; Synchronicity, Storm and Airkix. He has so much passion for the sport, competing at Nationals every year, organizing at World Records, and trying new areas like Crew and freeflying. As a P3 skydiving organizer, coach and motivational speaker, he is inspirational.

Dan is sponsored by Skydive Perris, Sun Path, PD, Kiss and L&B altimeters.

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