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TrackDayz over Algarve by Filipe Quintas, Frankie Freefly Studios
TrackDayz over Algarve by Filipe Quintas, Frankie Freefly Studios


The new, improved monthly tracking event at Skydive Spain and Skydive Algarve!

Two full days of action-packed tracking jumps! Top freefly coaches such as Zemi, Efraim Folgerts and Matti Miilumaki are leading weekends of tracking adventures in the sun.

What to expect

The coach separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely. Every level is welcome, so long as jumpers meet the qualifications below. Top flight freefly coaches will lead you on exciting jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.

The camp requires a minimum of 6 participants. If there are two groups, the coach briefs and debriefs both groups while alternating jumping with each group. More coaches may be added with demand.


200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.
If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve, we have 1-on-1 coaching available.

TrackDayz Dates

Skydive Algarve

13-14 July, with Zemi Abreu
14-15 September with Zemi Abreu
12-13 October with Zemi Abreu

Skydive Spain

7-8 September with Alethia Austin
5-6 October with Efraim Folgerts
2-3 November, with Matti Miilumaki

Cost: Daily registration fee – 15€ in Algarve or 25 in Spain, plus jumps at usual prices.

Contact:Skydive Algarve or Skydive Spain for more details and to book your slot!

Photo from Track Dayz over Skydive Algarve, by Filipe Quintas, Frankie Freefly Studio

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Meet: Alethia Austin

Alethia is a passionate full time international angle and freefly coach. As the creator of LSD Bigway Camps and LSD Angle Camps, she's been running skills camps in skydiving for over 8 years around the world. Some of her coaching and LSD camps have taken her to Botswana, Egypt, Central America, North America, Europe and more. Alethia brings her years of yoga teaching, love of good health and healthy living into the way she coaches angle flying and vertical flying. Alethia was a regional captain for the Women's Vertical World Record and has two world records. Her sponsors include UPT, Tonfly, PD, Cypres and LB Altimeters.

You can find her on Instagram at

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