What’s the Big Hurry?!

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I see so many people in a rush

What’s the rush?! Relish every step of the beautiful skydiving journey
Image: Selfie by author Julianne Grau

Jumpers rush to downsize, rush to freefly, rush to go steep, rush to swoop, rush to get on a jump that is too big or too high a skill level, a rush to land in the experienced area, rush to coach others.

Maybe people think they will miss out on something they want to do in the sport if they don’t do it now. The truth is, you’re much more likely to miss out on something you want to do because you hurt yourself doing something you weren’t ready for, than because you said no to a skydive you don’t have the skills to be on.

Check your ego, that shit kills.

Taking your time shows you respect the sport, the people around you, and yourself. Show respect and people will seek you out to help you grow in every way you’ve dreamed of and probably even some you didn’t know were possible.

Go too fast and the people with the knowledge will avoid you like the plague. They won’t be associated with anyone who doesn’t respect what they’re doing. There is nothing more embarrassing than a freeflyer with 600 jumps who can’t even make it to a belly round, and few things more dangerous than someone who lands fast, but with no accuracy or ability to control their landings.

Please, do not ever teach anything you don’t have any business teaching. Especially if there are any questions about if you should even be doing it yourself. Unless you have taken the time and money to master a skill, you do not have the qualifications to teach it to someone else. This is how things get dangerous and can get lost in translation. Let the knowledge trickle down from reputable sources. Have respect and be one of them one day.

It’s not a no, it’s just a not yet

Image: All smiles by author Julianne Grau

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Meet: Julianne Grau

Julianne is a freelance AFF Instructor. She loves attempting things others think are impossible, especially teaching humans how to fly. She is in her 4th year in the sport and has 1,400 jumps. If she’s not helping someone improve their flying skills, you can find her 1001 feet above a cloud on a high pull, or in her wingsuit. Julianne has a passion for helping people grow and loves encouraging responsible new skydivers to grow in the sport. Julianne excels in creating a safe environment for us all to learn and have fun. She likes to write long rants on the internet in an attempt to keep us all safe that sometimes turn into magazine articles. Julianne currently doesn’t have any sponsors but if anyone thinks she’s cool she’s totally open to discussions.

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