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Coralie Boudreault

Coralie is just 14 and a beautiful freestylist. She won Advanced Freestyle competition at the Global Kids Challenge two years running. She also won 2-way Advanced for 3 years in a row, with Yannick Bisson. She has featured on National Television and performed in indoor skydancing shows. The Canadian freestyle, VFS and 2-way FS Champion took time away from her homework to talk to us, thanks Coralie!

How old are you and how long have you been flying?

Hi, thanks for having me. I’m 14 years old and I’ve been flying for two and a half years now.

What nationality are you, and where do you live?

I am Canadian and I live near Montreal, Quebec

Would your list your Indoor Skydiving achievements for us?



  • 1st place, IBA Global Kids Challenge, Freestyle Advanced
  • 1st place , IBA Global Kids Challenge, 2 way FS (with Yannick Bisson)
  • 5th place World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Freestyle Junior (routine is below)


  • Gold, Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championships, 2-way FS,
  • Gold, Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championships, VFS intermediate
  • Gold, Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championships, 2-way freestyle junior (with Yannick Bisson)
  • 1st place, IBA Global Kids Challenge Freestyle advanced
  • 1st place, IBA Global Kids Challenge 2 way FS (with Yannick Bisson)


  • 1st place, IBA Global kids Challenge 2 way FS (with Yannick Bisson)


How did you become interested in indoor skydiving?

My parents are both skydivers so they brought me to Skyventure Montreal with them and I loved it immediately.

What coaches have worked with you?

My main coach is Richard Guilbault from Rise ‘n’ Shine, the Freestyle Skydiving Canadian Champions and in FS I have Richard Bisson (who coaches the 2016 world cup champions Air Devils junior 4-way team) and I also had the chance to be coached by Inka Tiitto and Leonid Volkov .

Do you prefer freestyle or belly?

I like both but I prefer Freestyle because I am not obligated to always do specific moves and I feel free when I am doing Freestyle.

Coralie in Skyventure Montreal

How many tunnel hours do you have? How much do you train?

Normally I train 2 or 3 times a week depending on upcoming competitions and I have 112 hours as of now.

That’s a lot of pocket money! How is that affordable?

I have the chance to be sponsored by Skyventure Montreal, Frankais suits, Voltige (a skydiving school & dropzone) and Cookie helmets. For the rest well, my parents are putting a lot of efforts in helping me realize my dreams. I consider myself very lucky! 🙂

What was your favorite wind tunnel moment(s)?

I think my favorite moments were the World Championships and a special kids camp called ‘Superheroes’ at MadridFly hosted by Space Devils… you can watch the light and sound show here, it was very cool:


What’s been the biggest factor in your outstanding success?

To always make the required efforts and persevere.

What’s your dream tunnel to fly in?

I would like to try all tunnels!

What else do you like to do for fun?

I like skiing, running and traveling.

What do your friends at school think about your flying?

They don’t really understand what it is but they think it’s a cool sport.

Do you think you will start skydiving when you’re old enough?

Yes for sure! I already have 22 tandems – remember Voltige my sponsor? 😉 – and I would like to compete in the sky also

Coralie's success is down to sheer hard work and determination

Describe yourself in 5 words or less

Happy, indoor skydiver, family, friends, FUN!

Whom do you admire?

I really admire Inka Tiitto

Do you collect anything?

Yes I collect old or special coins from the Canadian mint

What’s next? What’s your ultimate goal?

To be at the Olympics in Indoor Skydiving one day.

Good luck with that Coralie – you’re amazing!

You can check out Coralie’s Facebook page here

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