Catching up with… Ryo Shimizuguchi

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When and why did you start indoor skydiving Ryo? 

I started skydiving in 2016. It was a lot of fun, and when I wanted to improve, the Chief Instructor at FlyStation Japan approached me. That’s when I decided to become an instructor. I stared tunnel flying in 2017.

How many tunnel hours do you have? 

My personal practice amounts to about 150 hours. As a coach, I believe I’ve accumulated over 500 hours combined with both first-timers and pro flyers.

What type of flying do you most like to do?

To fly freely!

What is your nationality and where do you live?

I live in Saitama, Japan.

What is your home tunnel? What do you like about flying there? 

FlyStation Japan. I believe the airflow is strong and smooth. I’m happy when people from abroad compliment this tunnel.

What made you decide to come all the way to Spain for the Wind Games? 

I was informed by the two people I’ll be participating with that the entry for Wind Games 2024 had begun. Since I’ve never competed in an indoor skydiving event and had wanted to if given the chance, I decided to go to Spain.

Who are the other two flyers from FlyStation Japan coming to Wind Games?

There are two people participating in Dynamic 2-way. Their names are Kenshiro and Seiji!

Will you try to support each other? Or do you see yourselves as rivals? 

We support each other a lot.

What discipline are you entering?  What attracted you to this type of flying?

Freestyle. I simply found it really cool to watch!

What type of flying do you most like to coach?  

Teaching belly flying! When they fly solo for the first time, everyone has a great expression on their faces.

What are your goals at Wind Games 2024?

My goal is to showcase 100% of my ability, I want to fly my best.

What is your training plan leading up to the competition? 

During December, I plan to fly primarily to improve my skills, and from January onwards, I intend to practice freestyle routines and compulsory moves continuously.

Who is supporting you on this journey ?

The support comes from the staff at FlyStation Japan! Even while we’re in Spain, FlyStation Japan needs to continue its operations. I’m extremely grateful to the three staff members who allowed us to attend the competition; Ayuko, Ku, Daisuke, thank you so much!

Have you done other wind tunnel competitions?

I have never competed in a tournament before. I’m really looking forward to this being my first one – but I’m equally nervous!

I haven’t flown as a competitor in a meet, but I acted as a judge at the FlyStation Japan Cup and provided Japanese commentary at the SakuraCup.

How will you manage to keep a clear head at the Wind Games, with all the excitement of the crowd and the worldwide coverage? 

I want to stay calm. It seems impossible, though! 

Whom do you admire? Who are your mentors and who have you learned the most from?

I have great respect for the two individuals I’m participating with in Wind Games 2024. We all started indoor skydiving around the same time and currently work as instructors at FlyStation Japan. We enjoy training together, flying together, and watching flight videos for fun.\

Also, I deeply admire the legends who are active worldwide. I find inspiration and references by watching their flights on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms!

Another person I deeply respect is Ayuko, the manager at FlyStation Japan. I believe that it’s thanks to her that FlyStation Japan has been able to continue.

Lastly, there’s Shohei Ohtani! 

What is your favourite feeling in the tunnel?

The moment when I’m able to do something I couldn’t do before is truly the best.

Do you have a motto, or favorite quotation?

I think the expression in English would probably be, “Make your mark on the world.”

Describe yourself in 5 words 

Flying Music Manga Movie Game

What would you like to be doing next?  Any ultimate goals in the sport?

I aim to continue skydiving and indoor skydiving for as long as possible. My ultimate goal is to execute flights just as I imagine.

Ryo Shimizuguchi

Anything you would like to add?

I’m grateful for being given such an opportunity.

Ryo, best of luck with your training, I can’t wait to see you fly!

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