Monthly 3-Ring Care

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Video showing a quick 3-Ring maintenance, including disassembly and reassembly.

3-Ring Cutaway System Maintenance

Get a Grown-up!

The first few times you perform this maintenance we recommend you do it under the direct supervision of your local rigger or instructor to ensure everything is reassembled correctly. After a few times you’ll be confident to do this on your own. You’ll also be a more rounded skydiver, with better awareness of your gear. Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge is Power!

Step by Step

Thank you Jessie Thompson and Sun Path! They have also produced a beautifully clear step-by-step photo guide to 3-Ring maintenance here

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Lesley is delighted to be sponsored by Performance Designs, Sun Path, Cypres, Cookie, Symbiosis suits and Larsen & Brusgaard

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