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Skills to stay alive

Survival Skills

This Video is purely for the education of BASE jumpers and other Extreme Sports athletes to show how I have survived the sport of base jumping so far in the last 19 years. It is not an action-packed video and it is long. But if this video can save just one life then it is a success! Please share it to people you think might be on the edge of dying and are in need of a wake up call. Thank you.

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Meet: Douggs MacDougall

My life has been devoted to BASE jumping and skydiving for over 20 years now – 20 years that have brought me endless joy and adventure and taught me what living life to the fullest really means. BASE jumping proves that nothing is impossible if you chase your dreams with passion and determination.

My chosen adventure sports have taken me to all corners of the globe, exploring some of nature’s true wonders in the company of the world’s most unique, inspirational people. I created BASEdreams to share my experiences of these incredible sports, in the hope that they may inspire even just one person to break free from the constraints of society and achieve what their hearts most desire – whatever that may be.

While only a handful of us will experience BASE jumping, we’re all plunging through the freefall of life. And we have to make the most of it.
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