Rhythm: 2-way dives

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SDC Rhythm’s series of 2-way drill dives for honing skills, working on basics of bodyflight. They can be performed in the tunnel or in freefall. All the moves (turns, side-slides, fall rate, etc) are demoed in the previous article, How to Fly Your Body. 2-way star and sidebody exits are explained at the bottom of the page. Go skydive!

Jump 1: Star, Star

Rhythm 2way Jump 1: Star, Star

Building a 2-way star, focussing on levels, and stopping perfectly in position before picking up grips. One person can lead, the other following.

Jump 2: Open, Open, Sidebody, Sidebody

Rhythm 2way Jump 2: Open, Open, Sidebody, Sidebody

Building open accordians and sidebodies. Creeping the dive. Parallel and 90 degree angles. Sitting base.

Jump 3: Around the World

Rhythm 2way Jump 3: Around the World

Flying around your partner, building square open accordians and phalanxes, then swapping roles. Walking the dive slowly. Seeing yourself performing perfectly.

Jump 4: Star 360 Star

Rhythm 2way Jump 4: Star 360 Star

Right and left 360s, taking smooth grips on your partner. start, coast, stop. Eye contact, headswitches and references. Sidebody and cat pictures through the 360.

Jump 5: 1/2 Star Sideslide

Jump 5: 1/2 Star Sideslide

Building a bipole and half star with your partner, side-sliding between the points, staying perpendicular with your spine straight. Start, coast, stop. Using legs and arms correctly.

Jump 6: Sidebody, Sidebody, Cat, Cat, Compress, Compress

Rhythm 2way 6: Sidebody, Sidebody, Cat, Cat, Compressed, Compressed

Building sidebodies, compressed accordians close and parallel, in line with your partner. Stopping before taking grips. Remembering the dive flow.

2way Exits

1. Star

Rhythm 2way Exit: Star

Floater and diver positions. Taking grips, giving the count, synching the timing. Leaving at a 45° angle. Strong presentation to the relative wind.

2. Sidebody

Rhythm 2way Exit: Sidebody

Floater and diver positions. Communication through the count. Keep flying the launch even if it’s not perfect. Visualize yourself flying the exit perfectly.

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