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The 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving (WCIS2018) will be held at Gravity, Bahrain, from 25-28 October 2018. It promises to be the biggest and best World Cup ever!

WCIS will be held at Gravity Indoor Skydiving, Bahrain

Did you know?…

  • Anyone can enter WCIS – you don’t have to be a National Team
  • Host tunnel, Gravity, is a state-of-the-art facility with a 65ft high chamber
  • There is USD 200,000$ in prize money on the table!

What is WCIS2018?

WCIS – the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving – is an indoor skydiving competition held every two years, under the umbrella of the FAI, the World Airsports Federation and IPC, the International Parachuting Commission. Winners of the 3rd FAI World Cup 2018 will become official World Champions in indoor skydiving, which became recognized by IPC relatively recently. Competitors are also eligible to win a share of $200,000 of prize money, the first time skydiving athletes have been accredited in this manner in an IPC First Category event. It’s a big step forward for the sport!

Gravity's large, clear wind tunnel is state of the art and perfect  for viewing

Where is WCIS2018?

The cash prizes have been donated by World Cup host Gravity Indoor Skydiving, Bahrain, one of the largest vertical glass wind tunnels in the world. Gravity has immaculate facilities, smooth wind-flow and a large viewing area on two floors for spectators. The building houses a recirculating Aerodium Technologies, round wall-to-wall wind tunnel, with a diameter of 4.3 meters up to a height of 5 meters then extending to 5.5 meters diameter at a height of 12 meters. The full chamber height is 19.6 meters, 12 meters of which is full glass, making it easy to watch the competitors from multiple angles.

Gravity Indoor Skydiving is one of the only wind tunnels in the world to have an entrance door into the flight chamber, at a height of 14 meters that can be used by pro-flyers as an entrance into the chamber while the wind speed is flowing. Every competitor at WCIS2018 will get a free ‘Base’ jump experience after the competition, through this entrance.

 A Live Stream will broadcast the action worldwide, including athlete interviews, live scores and competition flying footage

When is WCIS?

The competition will be held at Gravity, Bahrain, 25-28 October 2018. Arrival of teams and registration will commence on October 24 followed by a full day of Speed Tests, Opening Ceremony, Competition Draws and meetings on October 25. The competition itself will kick off on Friday 26 October and will be broadcast all around the world by Live Stream. The meet will end by 5pm on Sunday 28 October. This is followed by the closing ceremony, presentation of awards and a gala dinner party at one of Bahrain’s fabulous 5-star hotels, a spectacular venue guaranteed!

4-way FS Team Tenanine, at Gravity's Flight Fighters competiton

Who can enter?

Virtually any team or individual is eligible to enter the World Cup 2018 in Bahrain. Unlike a World Championship, you don’t have to qualify or be an official National Team. All you need is the support of your National Governing Body (eg, the British Parachute Association for UK), which is usually easily obtained, as each nation can send up to FOUR teams in each discipline. All disciplines include a junior category, for those aged 12 to 17 at the time of the competition.

Dynamic judges using the Dynamr system

What disciplines are included?

WCIS2018 will include the following events:

  • 4-way FS – Open, Female and Junior
  • 4-way VFS – Open and Junior
  • 4-way Dynamic – Open and Junior
  • 2-way Dynamic – Open and Junior
  • Freestyle – Open and Junior

The Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events will be judged using the InTime Scoring System. Dynamic Flying will use Dynamr.

Who is going?

Registrations have only just opened but the following teams have verbally committed to the event:

  • Hayabusa (Belgium)
  • Windoor GB (Spain)
  • Team Firefly Singapore (Singapore)
  • Team Vipers (Poland)
  • Amalie Hegland Lauritzen (Norway)
  • Amy Watson (Australia)
  • SDC Core (USA)
  • French FS teams
  • British FS teams

And more of the best flyers from all over the world!

How much does it cost?

Each competitor pays a sanction fee of 90 euros, which covers them to enter as many disciplines as he/she wishes. Then there is an entry fee for each different event, of $ 599 per team (or per individual in the case of freestyle, which is a solo event.)

What does the entry fee include?

  • 3-minute speed check prior to the competition
  • Competition Flights
  • Food & Beverages (Non-alcoholic lunch buffet during competition)
  • Opening Ceremony at Gravity Indoor Skydiving
  • Closing Ceremony & Awards
  • 5 Star Gala Dinner & Party
  • Gift Pack
  • Discounted pre-event training time
  • Free Airport and competition transfers if staying at the listed hotels
  • Complimentary ‘BASE jump’ after the event (from the BASE door at top of tunnel)
  • Complimentary 15 minutes tunnel time pre-event (T&Cs apply).
  • Complimentary tourist pass to explore Bahrain

How do I enter?

Teams can register online once their Preliminary Entry form is sent to Gravity Indoor Skydiving by their NAC (National Aero Club). All competitors must be registered first by their NAC before completing the final entry with the Organizer. Contact your NAC to request to attend the World Cup, and find out your NAC’s selection process, as each country has slightly different procedures. The registration page on includes all the information you need on how to enter. The deadline for Preliminary Entry is July 16, 2018, and for Final Entry September 9, 2018.

How do I get there?

The nearest airport is Bahrain International Airport. Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national carrier, is offering a special discount of 20% for competitors traveling between 11th to 31st of October 2018. Gravity Indoor Skydiving will provide airport and hotel and transportation service from and to the venues to registered competitors staying at listed hotels. Alternatively you can drive, it’s about 35 minutes by car or taxi from the airport. Gravity Indoor Skydiving is located in Zallaq, the South West area of Bahrain, next to the Bahrain International Circuit (Formula 1 Track), about a 20-minute drive from the city center, Manama.

World Indoor (& Outdoor) VFS Champions SDC Core, at Flight Fighters competition, Gravity

Can I train before WCIS at Gravity?

Absolutely! 15-minutes of tunnel time are included in the WCIS entry fee, plus Gravity are extending their opening times before the meet to 24-hours to allow teams the maximum opportunity to train, at a special discounted rate of 665 US$/Hour. (Normal cost for Pro Flyers is 880.) This can be flown up to 2 weeks prior to the event and competitors will take priority for all bookings. Selective accommodation for competitors will be offered free of charge during the training period prior to the competition.

Where would I stay?

Gravity Indoor Skydiving has pre-reserved rooms at certain hotels for all participants of the event at discounted rates. Visit the Where to Stay page on WCIS2018.COM to select your accommodation! Gravity is happy to advise anyone that needs any help in booking accommodation.

Is there any FAI Judges’ training?

Yes. There will be an FAI Judges Training Course in Dynamic from 22 to 24 October 2018 at Gravity. Your NAC has to approve and register you with a mail to Karla Cole. Then scan in the pages of your judges logbook from the last two years to prove your judging activities (you must be a current National Judge in the relevant discipline) and send it to Karla. You can register up to 25 August, 2018. More details in WCIS Event Bulletin 1

Anything I should know about visiting Bahrain?

You will need a tourist visa, which costs BD5 ($12) for single entry, obtainable upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport or online at:

The area immediately around the tunnel, ‘Gravity Village’, has a range of restaurants, coffee shops and sports facilities. Further away are sights such as a Formula 1 racing circuit, an excellent Go-Kart track, the Bahrain National Museum and the ancient ruins of Qalat al Bahrain. Most restaurants have a service charge so tipping is not compulsory (normally around 5-10%).

During the competition period it makes sense to use the pre-arranged transport to and from the airport, hotels and Gravity Indoor Skydiving. If you wish to hire a car, the roads are clean and you can get around easily using Google Maps.

Known as ‘the island of a million palm trees’, Bahrain is a popular tourist destination, so it’s a great place to bring a non-flying partner. You might like to allow extra time for sightseeing. Bahrain has a unique character, renowned for its sun-kissed beaches, pearl diving history, local culture, water sports, and a laidback, friendly atmosphere.

Bahrain Fort

What are the ‘Must-see’ Sights?

Bahrain is one of the oldest continuous civilisations in the world. Learn about local history and customs in a Cultural Tour in Bab Al Bahrain or Muharraq Old City. Or visit the forts to appreciate Bahrain’s rich trading past. Bahrain Fort (Qalat Al-Bahrain) is one of the most prolific archaeological digs in the Arabian Gulf and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bu Maher Fort is accessed by boat and is steeped in sea-faring, pearl-diving and architectural history.

Block 338 in Adliya is a popular spot filled with some of the best restaurants (mix of cuisines), bars, lounges and cafés in Bahrain. It has a vast range of cuisines, a vibrant feel and an artsy character. Enjoy a pre-dinner stroll to survey the architecture and soak up the atmosphere.

Jarada Island is a beautiful tidal island 12 miles off the coast of Bahrain. It takes about 40 minutes to get there by speedboat. Jarada is an ultra-relaxing destination for a day barbecuing on the beach before returning on the boat, passing small islands, wildlife galore and stunning scenery all journey.

If you’re into water sports they are all available. You can try wakeboarding, windsurfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, sailing, scuba, snorkel – even pearl diving!

Find out more here:

Is there a dress code?

In general, you can wear what you like with no restrictions other than normal decency and appropriateness. Keep in mind if you would like to visit a Mosque or any religious site you will need to cover your hair, shoulders and knees.

There will be a separate area for competitors to brief, debrief and chill between rounds

Anything else I should know?

Outside the Gravity building will be a large marquee dedicated to competitors only. This will include chill out areas, dirt-diving areas, gear racks and screens with live stream, manifest and scoreboard. The food marquee will also be situated outside the building, where buffet meals will be served daily for all competitors, officials and accompanying persons.

Gravity Indoor Skydiving are excited to host the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, their staff will do anything in their power to assist competitors and make their visit as enjoyable as possible. They look forward to welcoming you!

Register now!

See: for more information and registration

Download the WCIS event bulletin 1 here

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