Wingsuit Progression Series

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A 4-part series by Matt Gerdes and Taya Weiss covering WS skydiving, from your First Flight Course through Exits, WS skydives and Safety. Here are links to all four articles:

Part 1 – First Flight Course

What should be covered in your first flight course – checklist of essential knowledge…

Your FFC here

Part 2 – WS Exits from the Plane

Exit order, and things that should be considered when mixing groups. Exit technique, something that lots of experienced pilots are still getting wrong, and a source of much stress for DZs…

WS Exits here

Part 3 – A Wingsuit Skydive from Start to Finish

Things to think about from after exit, until breakoff. Flying with others…

A Wingsuit Skydive here

Part 4 – Making it Back (alive and well)

Avoiding the main causes of Wingsuit fatalities: mid-air collisions, off landings, cutaways and interaction with canopies…

Making it Back Alive here

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Meet: Matt Gerdes

Matt logged over 1200 safe BASE jumps (mostly wingsuit flights in the Alps, where he opened a few new lines). He is the author of the BASE Book. Matt podiumed at Red Bull Aces 2015, finished top five in 2016, was 2016 WOWS Distance champion and 3rd in Speed. He is the co-founder of SQRL equipment (, Next Level Flight (, and is a FAA rated pilot.

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Hey what's up. My mission here at is to try and publish as much quality information on BASE jumping and Wingsuit flying technique as possible. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with other people in the Wingsuit flying and BASE worlds to bring modern, vetted, and reliable information to the jumping public. If you feel that you have something good to contribute, I strongly urge you to contact the editors here at SkydiveMag, or me, directly. Contributing quality articles, videos, and tips on safety technique to the community is the best way to give back to the sport that has made our lives so damn awesome. Together, we can help save the world from useless facebook comments! Thanks in advance for being rad, and making an effort. -Matt