Skydiving Photography Dangers!

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Risking it all for the $20 bill! Big-way camp. First day on the job. First jump. Got a new guy on the crew learning the ropes. Everything goes smoothly till he lets go.

Check out this seemingly innocent, every day, climb-out and exit…

Just another day at the Perris ‘office’ … What Could Possibly Go Wrong?…

Can you spot what happened? This type of mishap can happen to just about anyone.

There are many dangers out there for the skydiving photographer. Learn from the mistakes of others.

When working on unfamiliar airplanes, equipment and locations, taking a steadfast and conscious look at yourself might help in the long run. Honestly, when I saw the video, I don’t think I would have thought about this. And I’ve noticed my equipment is sometimes the same in this video.

Have you worked it out? This cameraman’s swoop cord looped around the handhold of the Twin Otter during the climb-out, so when he exited he was hung up on it.

It’s amazing and dumb luck for sure – as well as something to watch out for. It’s been in my mind on every climb-out since. The victim of this sustained a massive lump on his shin from hitting the step after being thrown into it a few times while floundering in the wind. He is very lucky a piece broke and set him free. I cannot imagine having to ride this down.

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